Welcome to my Space Hawks tech page
I reverse-engineered this Amstrad CPC game and I'd like to share my finds with everyone.

Be free to use it for FREE projects, not commercial.

► Introduction

The first computer, even before my first VGS, to come on my house when I was a kid was the Amstrad CPC 464.
It took hours to load a game with its tape but I could say we used it a lot.
We focused mainly on 2 games : Space Hawks and Harrier Attack.
First because they were fund, second because they were "fast" to load.
We played with a lot of others games but these two are the ones I still clearly remember.
Next come pyjamara, oh mummy, street hawk, ... and even a ski game I coded myself, based on one of these books available.

Basically, Space Hawks is a Space Invaders clone (hence the name!) with an illegal use of the Star War theme.
But they added this f*****g mine, which made it almost impossible to finish !
Yes, there was a time when, to make a great game, you didn't need to make it easy.

► Reverse Engineering

I used a tape dump I found on the Net since I own the original but don't know how to EASILY dump it to PC .
I then loaded the tape on of one the tape explorer available and extracted the .bas and .bin
the BAS is an compiled version of a BASIC loader
the BIN is the assembled version of the z80 game

I loaded the BIN on IDA and, using a special CPC loader I wrote (see below), I disassembled the game.
The game isn't very complex so it was easy.
I was even able to wrote a script for WinAPE to dump the sound (yes, even the infamous Star Wars theme!)

Please note I didn't go as far as make a full source code, easy to assemble.
My goal was only to analyse the engine, to make a remake first for mobile (already available on Android stores) and then for 'another' platform ;)

► Files

Analysis docs

IDA files (idb, lst, asm)

January 2014

WinAPE script

Play sound
including manual

January 2014


IDA loader and script
for Amstrad CPC 464

January 2014

► Ports

Thanks to this source code and tools, Space Hawks was unofficially ported to
Sega Megadrive

by me (private)

more details

Sega Master System

by me


Sega Game Gear

by me (in progress)

SMS Power entry


by WillNa

more details


by you

Let me know!

► Thanks

Durell, and even more Simon Francis, for this game!

All of this exists because some people on the Net made a wonderful work before me
-Richard Wilson for WinAPE
-CPC Wiki for all the informations I needed

- last modified : 23 March 2016